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Concussion & Vestibular therapy

Cornerstone PT & Granite Point PT offers post concussion physical therapy treatments by one of only a few ImPACT concussion trained physical therapists in the entire state of Idaho. Our therapist Amanda Thome, PT, DPT has also completed a certification to be a BalanceWear provider, she obtained dual certifications for Vestibular and Concussion based therapy through the American Institute of Balance as well as her certification for Vestibular Rehabilitation II through the American Institute of Balance with the following focus areas covered in this advanced training: vestibular migraines, atypical BPPV including advanced 

techniques, complex diagnosis with dizziness including: Parkinsons disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Cerebellar disease, POTS, bilateral vestibulopathies, vestibulotoxicity, Mal De Debarquement Syndrome, as well as dizziness conditions including SMD/MDDS/MARD/PPV/PPPD/Motor conversion. In addition to the above certifications and trainings Amanda has dedicated countless hours of continuing education training focused on vestibular impairments, treating Clients with movement disorders and other neurological conditions as well as manual therapy techniques targeting those with headaches TMJ disorders and elevated nervous system presentations. 


Cornerstone/Granite Point offers state of the art technology that you usually only find in big cities or research hospitals including infrared video goggles which are used to help diagnose your dizziness disorders and ensure treatments are effective. Cornerstone also offers the FootMaxx pressure mapping system which is able to detect a patient's sway of their posture in multiple directions under multiple conditions to help determine what may be contributing to someone's dizziness/imbalance and help determine how they are improving. Cornerstone & Granite Point also offers body weight support training with virtual reality training in additon to aquatic therapy options at their Sandpoint clinic. 

NOW OFFERING- certified and offering BalanceWear torso weighted vesting assessments and fittings.

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