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balancewear torso weighting

Cornerstone PT and Granite Point PT offers the assessment, fitting and assistance with ordering a custom BalanceWear vesting system. Our Physical Therapist Amanda Thome, PT, DPT is the first in the region to be certified to offer this valuable service. Having trained hands on and directly with the inventor and founder of Motion Therapeutics/BalanceWear, Cynthia Gibson-Horn, PT with her own patients at Cornerstone in Sandpoint, an opportunity that solidified for Amanda the value this system can offer to patients of all ages and abilities.


The BalanceWear assessment involves our Physical Therapist completing a series of functional and movement tests as well as systematically challenging and scoring the Clients reactive and anticipatory balance abilities. Based on the results of these findings and the degree of the impairments the therapist skillfully selects and places weights ranging from 1/16 of a pound up to 1/2 a pound over the muscle areas that correlate with the balance losses. Once appropriately weighted the Client and Therapist will know immediately if the BalanceWear vesting system will help as tests in balance, gait, coordination and/or functional mobility will improve same session. To learn more about BalanceWear or Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW®) contact us at Cornerstone & visit

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