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About Us

Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Sandpoint ID & our sister clinic Granite Point Physical Therapy & Wellness in Athol ID is committed to taking the time to learn and understand why our clients are in need of Physical Therapy. We are dedicated to making the patient experience a positive one. From the time you make your first call or tour the facility, until the day of discharge we are dedicated to our clients and their success. Our clinic provides one-on-one sixty minute skilled therapy sessions tailored to our patients needs, all with licensed therapists- we never use therapy techs.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy offers Sandpoint Idaho's only full sized warm water aquatic therapy center. With the capability to treat at various depths of water we are able to load and unload your body progressively in order to help you overcome your pain, weaknesses,  balance disorders or to prepare you before or after surgery. Want to learn more about the benefits of aquatic physical therapy? Click here!


Cornerstone & Granite Point also offers land based physical therapy including therapists with extensive continuing education training on land based manual therapy techniques including the Mulligan and Maitland techniques, Dry Needling, Graston, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and more. We also offer the Pneu Weight treadmill and balance training/overground body weight support system. We also offer a robust Vestibular/concussion therapy program including the use of video infrared goggles to help us more accurately assess and treat your dizziness/balance issues.


We are able to treat your mobility or pain conditions through our highly trained therapists and top notch facilities. Want to learn more about our therapy team? Click here!


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