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Shoulder Treatment

Physical Therapy

Cornerstone PT & Granite Point PT offers land based therapy by Therpists with extensive continuing education training on manual therapy techniques including dry needling, the Mulligan techniques, Maitland techniques, myofascial training, Graston Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Tooling, Hesch Sacroiliac Providers & more. Our Thearpists are able to treat your mobility or pain conditions with tailored programs to fit your needs. Experience the Cornerstone/Granite Point difference where you have one on one hour long sessions that are customized to you with your Therapist giving you their full attention. Let our highly capable and passionate therapists get you back to living your best life.

Our land based therapy interventions include guided and targeted exercises and stretches tailored specifically to you, manual therapy/hands on treatments including soft tissue and joint mobilizations, use of cupping & instrument assisted soft tissue massage, guided mobility, endurance and balance training in our state of the art facilities offering equipment you usually only find in "big cities." , in addition Cornerstone offers the use of therapeutic modalities including red and infrared light therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation when needed.

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