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Stride Smart- How you can get back to walking without pain!

You may or may not have heard of the AlterG, a futuristic anti-gravity treadmill system using NASA’s technology to unload a users body weight. It allows you to walk and run with less impact and pain than land. If you know this device you may also know it is found in Olympic training centers, training facilities for professional athletes and in top rehabilitation facilities across America. What you may not know is the advances the AlterG has made in its technology including the newest feature called Stride Smart.

Before we talk about Stride Smart lets get to know the AlterG. Using the AlterG begins by having you slip on a pair of shorts designed to create an airtight seal, you’ll then step onto the treadmill and into the cockpit which lifts to your hips and locks in place. With the cockpit locked you’re zipped into the machine to finish creating the airtight seal. This is where the magic happens, with a touch of a button and in less than a minute the AlterG fills with air surrounding your lower body- it calibrates the air pressure based on your body weight through internal sensors. With the system calibrated you have the freedom to unload your weight in 1% increments and can take away up to 80% of your body weight. Say you weigh 200 pounds and come in with pain with walking or limited walking tolerance on land, you can step into the AlterG and in less than one minute be on a treadmill walking and experiencing as little as only 40 pounds of body weight. For the athletic population it allows you to train earlier after injury than ever before or for those trying to prevent injuries it allows you to train at faster speeds and further distances with less risk of overuse injuries. There is even an equation to account for the offloading percentage you remove which allows you to have the same metabolic benefits without the wear and tear of land training.

While the technology behind AlterG is groundbreaking, the most recent advancement from AlterG called Stride Smart takes this equipment to the next level. Only certain models come equipped with this cutting edge technology. Stride Smart allows real time detection and feedback regarding your gait. It measures and tells you if you are taking too long or short a step and visually displays this in real time. It senses and alerts if you’re placing more weight on one leg versus the other during walking or running. It detects gait abnormalities that the human eye often misses and reports them you. Through it’s interactive monitor you can learn how to walk and run again without abnormal mechanics.

The AlterG with Stride Smart is truly an experience and tool that is beneficial for nearly everyone-from the young to the elderly and from those with significant pain and impairments to the Olympic athlete. If you would like to learn more about the AlterG with Stride Smart visit our website at #alterG #physicaltherapy #Sandpoint #Idaho #PT

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