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Warm Water Pool Therapy

Cornerstone Physical Therapy offers Sandpoint Idaho's only full size warm water aquatic therapy center. With the capability to treat at various depths of water we are able to load your body progressively in order to help you overcome your pain, weaknesses,  balance disorders or to prepare you before or after surgery.

Our licensed therapists use their clinical expertise in order to guide them in selecting individualized therapy routines designed for you. We also have dozens of established protocols we also use to guide you through your time in physical therapy.

Curious of the benefits of aquatics? Here are some great reasons why incorporating aquatic therapy into your PT program can mean success for you.

1. Flexibility: The buoyancy provides a tremendous advantage as it reduces the effects of gravity. This reduction allows for increased joint range of motion. The warm water assists to relax muscles that are sore or tight.

2.  Increased muscle strength. Did you know that water is 600+ times more resistant than air? This additional resistance (viscosity) allows for muscle strengthening benefits. Rapid movements done in the water with or without aquatic equipment which is used to increased surface area results in increase muscular demand which in turn increases your strength. 

3. Decrease pain. Simply by being in warm water patients comfort improves, The water pressure in addition to the warmth increase blood supply to painful muscles and encourage relaxation. The water also serves to offload the joints in a manner that will allow you to exercise and move with less impact and pain.

4. Decrease abnormal tone, spasticity, & rigidity. Pool temperatures of 92+ degrees combined with hands on techniques are used to reduce tone which arises as a result of neurological injury.

5. Improved balance. The hydrostatic water pressure provides forces perpendicular to your body's surface. This pressure provides your body with constant feedback valuable for your balance systems to become more in-tune with your awareness of body in space (proprioception). The water buoyancy also gives body support allowing increased reaction time without the fear of falling.

Aquatic Therapy is provided by our licensed physical therapy staff in a multi-depth, therapeutic pool. It is offered in conjunction with land based therapy or as the primary therapy if appropriate. Patients can access the pool by stairs or a hydraulic lift. 

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