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Cornerstone offers the practice of dry needling through Kerby Andersen, PT, DPT, an Idaho certified dry needling therapist. If you haven't experienced dry needling you may be curious about it. Here are just some of the key things to know about how dry needling could help you. Dry needling can help get fast pain relief especially if your pain is associated with a trigger points (muscle knots)- while many Clients feel immediate relief some require multiple sessions to get the full benefits of the relief associated with trigger point releases through dry needling. Another way dry needling can be beneficial is through helping to regain a Clients range of motion- dry needling is often combined with a PT program to help build your strength, range

 of motion and help to retrain your muscles. Dry needling is also used to help accelerate your recovery- dry needling will work to allow you more opportunities for movement and therefore by allowing more body movement you can promote healing and speed up recovery. We encourage you to see one of our dry needling therapists to learn how dry needling and PT may be able to help you.

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